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5 Years of Magic: A Recap of Our Anniversary Live Event

5 Years of Magic: A Recap of Our Anniversary Live Event

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event Recap

On May 18th we hosted a successful 5th-anniversary live event to celebrate 5 years of REDMAGIC innovation. The heartfelt wishes and congratulations from the world’s finest gamers and content creators got the event started on a beautifully positive note with many of them sharing their gaming journey with REDMAGIC, and showing off some of their older model devices. 


Our hosts, Beaulo and SirPugger, filled the hour filled with insightful conversations about how REDMAGIC has evolved since our establishment, and what all of our achievements have meant to the mobile gaming sphere over the last 5 years and in the years to come. The event featured a first-hand exhibition of how the REDMAGIC 8 Pro and REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor size up against COD Mobile, and it was a highlight of the event. 


Where We Come From

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event Recap

A short trip down memory lane, taking a look at the first few devices offered by REDMAGIC with a highlight of how they changed the game forever.  




Released in December 2018, the REDMAGIC Mars is the original device that put REDMAGIC on the map. Featuring a 3800 mAh battery and the original high-sensitivity shoulder triggers that revolutionized gaming smartphones and set them apart from regular smartphones. In 2019 it was recognized as Android’s fastest phone in AnTuTu, and we’ve gotten better since then.




We took our offering, the REDMAGIC 3S, to the next level by integrating a high-speed centrifugal fan designed to keep our devices cool during the most intense gaming sessions. It was released in September 2019 and featured an AMOLED screen with a 90Hz screen refresh rate. It was also introduced with an even more powerful 5000 mAh battery for gaming endurance. 




The 144Hz refresh rate on the REDMAGIC 5G AMOLED screen is still one of the industry’s highest screen fresh rates nearly three years after its release in March 2020. It was released in 6 different colors including our first attempt at a transparent device.




We upgraded the functionality of the cooling mechanism by improving the superconductivity and introducing the first inlaid silver metal process on the REDMAGIC 5S. It was released later in the year 2020, on August 1st.




A revolutionary 165Hz screen refresh rate was introduced to the mobile gaming industry in March 2021 with the release of the REDMAGIC 6. It’s a screen that’s years ahead of its time, and it’s yet to meet its match. It’ll stand as the go-to screen when mobile games start to demand a higher refresh rate, but we’ll be ready…




We made another improvement to our cooling system and introduced the REDMAGIC 6S in September 2021, with the industry’s first aerospace-grade heat dissipation material built into a device. It was also our second attempt at a transparent device. 




In 2022 we began to explore the possibility of a fully immersive display and came up with the world’s first gaming smartphone with an Under Display Camera (UDC). 




The youngest member of our gaming smartphone series has a completely fresh design that accentuates the seamless UDC feature with an 89% screen-to-body ratio. It features our most powerful 6000 mAh battery, and a dedicated layer of cooling graphite under the screen for even more advanced heat dissipation. 


Where We’re Currently At


In line with ensuring that you Win More Games with REDMAGIC, we expanded our offering to go beyond the mobile gaming sphere and give you the power to win more of all your favorite games. Our most significant achievement and the highlight of 2023 is the introduction of the REDMAGIC PC Gaming range which includes the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor, and REDMAGIC Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.


REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor 

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event Recap

Most reviews of the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor highlight the fact that it’s quite impossible to translate the vivid display offered by this monitor onto a YouTube video. However, the fluid motion and movement of everything that’s on display are unmissable, even through a YouTube video. 


The 27-inch monitor has a 4K resolution for the quality display of life-like images and a highly competitive 160Hz refresh rate for zero lag gaming. 


REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard


All keyboards are made equal unless you’re a gamer. The keyboard must have satisfying clicks that are also silent, it must be fully customizable, and it should ideally have a beautiful gamer aesthetic. The REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard ticks all the boxes, and it also features three connectivity options for your convenience. It’s been featured on the Heyup list of Gaming Keyboards to Consider in 2023


REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse


Speaking at the REDMAGIC Live event, Beaulo said that a great gaming monitor is essential for every game, but that ultimately, the gamer is only as good as the precision of their mouse. This is a sentiment that we share, and it’s what we had in mind when creating the REDMAGIC Gaming Mouse made with a PixArt PAW3395 Sensor for immaculate precision.

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event Recap


The Future of REDMAGIC: Where We’re Headed


We can only go up from here, and with the continued support of our patrons, that’s exactly where we’re headed. The near future could see the introduction of a silver REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse that matches the captivating aesthetic of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium. And we hope to deliver a more compact PC gaming experience, perhaps with a REDMAGIC Gaming Tablet. 


Our unwavering commitment to pushing mobile gaming boundaries could see all of these ideas come to life and more. We’re excited to continue delivering exceptional experiences to our fans for the next five years and beyond.