Your Questions Answered + Surprise for Developers

We’re beyond amazed at the response so far, with tons of questions about the Red Magic phone.

The team is happy to answer your queries individually but we hope this post clears things up.


The Red Magic OS and the tester are expected to be shipped at the end of May. As for the Android 8.1 version, that should see a July release. Tracking info will be provided as soon as it’s shipped.


There’s a rumour that there’s more colour options for the Red Magic phone coming soon? You didn’t hear it from me! As for now, you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black.


The phone is packaged with a pre-applied protective film and comes with a cable and a charger suited to your country. Our Australian and Indian backers will also get an adapter. We’re not currently offering phone cases, sorry!

dbrand SKIN

The lucky ones who managed to cop a dbrand skin with their phone, this will come separately.


A crack team of 8 VIP testers have found some bugs and made some feature requests. We are working hard to make things as smooth as possible for when it’s time to ship the devices.


We’ve just updated our Warranty Policy for Indiegogo, go check it out.


We are proud to announce we support the unlocking of bootloaders and flashing devices. Don’t worry, this will not void the warranty of your device. Stay tuned for more info on this subject.

Keep the questions coming, guys!

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