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Buying REDMAGIC In 3 Interest-Free Payments Through Atome!

Buying REDMAGIC In 3 Interest-Free Payments Through Atome!

REDMAGIC - Atome Payment

With the introduction of our Singapore dedicated web store, REDMAGIC has also teamed up with Atome to make buying REDMAGIC products even easier for our Singaporean customers. Through Atome, you can purchase a REDMAGIC product through 3 easy payments with 0 interest! Like what you hear and want to learn more? Let me tell you how it works and how you can buy your favorite gaming smartphone in three interest free payments.


How To Purchase Through Atome

The process for purchasing through Atome is pretty easy. To help make it even easier, we will lay out how it works right here for you:

· When you are at the checkout window, select Atome as a payment method

· Atome will then automatically split your purchase into 3 payments.

· You will pay your first payment immediately upon purchase.

· Your following 2 payments will be spread 30 days apart, with no extra interest or hidden fees.

REDMAGIC - Atome Payment


An Example Of Using Atome

For example, say you wanted to purchase a Mercury edition of REDMAGIC 7S Pro, valued at SGD 1,255.90 at the time of writing this.

· Place the Mecury edition of the REDMAGIC 7S Pro in your cart and proceed to checkout.

· Select Atome as a payment method.

· The first payment will be SGD 418.64.

· On day 31 there will be an automatic deduction of the 2nd payment of SGD 418.64.

· On Day 61 there will be an automatic deduction of the 3rd and final payment of SGD 418.64.


And that’s it, pretty easy and painless. For more details on how Atome works, feel free to visit their website to learn more.

REDMAGIC - Atome Payment

Worried this is too good? No need to worry at all. Not only this service already up and running without any troubles, but it is also already super popular among our Singorporean customers, with over 60% of them choosing to use Atome.


*Note: Atome is only available as a purchase option for our customers on the REDMAGIC Singapore web store.