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It’s Time for Your Bi-Weekly Social Media FAQ Answers

It’s Time for Your Bi-Weekly Social Media FAQ Answers

Hello there, REDMAGIC community. It’s been an insightful few days full of interactions on our social media platforms, and you guys have had some pretty interesting questions on your minds. Let’s see what new information REDMAGIC users will help you to learn about your device this week.


Table of Contents 

    Is It Possible to Keep the LED Lights on All the Time?


    The REDMAGIC 9 Pro is our first gaming smartphone with custom RGB lights integrated into the built-in fan, shoulder triggers, and the light strip on the REDMAGIC branding. Having the LED light strip always on adds a unique gamer aesthetic that peaks through even when you’re not playing anything, so keeping it on at all times is an option.

    To activate this unique lighting feature, open the Settings menu and locate the Light Strip Setting. From there you’ll have the option to keep the LED lights on all day by switching to “ steady lighting up” mode. You also have the option to make the LED lights flash or turn off during certain activities like phone calls and charging. 


    Do REDMAGIC Devices Come with a Charger?


    When Apple released the iPhone 12, they made the decision to remove the charging brick from the package, prompting users to buy an adapter with their new phone. Soon after, Samsung did the same with the release of the Galaxy S22 series, and more mobile phone manufacturers are following suit.

    REDMAGIC still includes a powerful fast charging cable and standard charging brick in the package. You also have the option to add a powerful charging brick to your order, and that’s why those accessories show up on “frequently bought together”. The standard REDMAGIC charging brick and cable do deliver the fast charging power you’re after. 


    Will Charging While Watching Videos Damage My Battery or Device in the Long Run?


    Watching videos, like playing games, will drain your battery if you carry on for too long. If you need to charge your phone multiple times a day because of this extensive use, then you may benefit from using the charge separation feature. 

    Instead of charging the battery multiple times in a day, you can charge it once and use charge separation when you know you’ll be spending more screen time. This allows you to preserve and prolong your battery life, while your device uses energy directly from the power source. 


    REDMAGIC 9 Pro Has Green Streaks on the Screen, What Should I Do?


    Unfortunately, the appearance of one or more green lines have been reported on a few of the latest Android smartphones, REDMAGIC and Samsung included. This appears to be a problem with Android software and not REDMAGIC devices. Lifewire reports that some of the most common reasons for this issue include incompatible apps. 

    If you’re certain that your device hasn’t suffered any hardware damage (like a crack in the screen), then restarting the device in Safe Mode or removing any recently installed apps may fix the problem. If all else fails, try a Factory Reset.


    Any REDMAGIC 6th Anniversary Giveaways to Look Forward to?


    If you’ve been waiting to score yourself a free REDMAGIC device since its release, then you’re in luck. To celebrate 6 years of REDMAGIC and show our supporters gratitude, we’re running our first REDMAGIC giveaway of the year. All you have to do to stand a chance to win is subscribe to receive our newsletter, follow REDMAGIC on TikTok, and invite your friends and family to join the fun. 

    Additionally, we’ve been adding new products and accessories to our collection. So if you don’t win this time, keep your eye on our newsletter and social media updates to learn more about upcoming releases and giveaways.


    Until We Meet Again 


    We hope that this FAQ was insightful for all our readers, and we can’t wait to explore more of your questions and concerns in the next feature. Bye for now.