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Six Years On, and the REDMAGIC Brand Is Going Strong

Six Years On, and the REDMAGIC Brand Is Going Strong

Well, this is it folks. REDMAGIC has completed yet another trip around the sun to celebrate one more year of helping our patrons Win More Games. In the year since our last anniversary, we’ve brought you an exciting range of new products and experiences that ultimately made us a better brand, and we only have you, our supporters, to thank for it. 

To commemorate our 6 years of innovation, join us down memory lane as we highlight our gaming gear of yesteryear, take a closer look at our latest offerings, and explore what  REDMAGIC has in store for the future. You might just score yourself a new REDMAGIC 9 Pro if you stick around to the end of the article, so read on to find out how.

Gamer’s Nostalgia: The REDMAGIC of Yesteryear 

The REDMAGIC Mars put us on the map in December 2018 with its innovative high-sensitivity shoulder triggers. In September of the following year, the REDMAGIC 3S took things up a notch with our first integrated high-speed fan plus a 90 Hz screen refresh rate.

In March 2020 we introduced the REDMAGIC 5G which boasted a remarkable 144Hz refresh rate and multiple colors options, including a transparent variant. Later in the same year we  released the REDMAGIC 5S with a sleek metal design and improved cooling features thanks to superconductivity enhancements.

We unveiled the groundbreaking REDMAGIC 6 in March 2021 with a revolutionary 165Hz refresh rate that set a new standard in mobile gaming. September 2021 saw the launch of the REDMAGIC 6S featuring aerospace-grade cooling materials and our second transparent design. 

2022 marked a milestone with the release of the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, the world’s first gaming smartphone featuring an Under Display Camera (UDC). And in 2023 we expanded our offerings beyond mobile gaming to include the REDMAGIC PC Gaming range, empowering you to win more of all your favorite games across more platforms.

The Magic Right Now: Where REDMAGIC Is At 

Since our last trip down memory lane, we’ve brought you the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, REDMAGIC 8s Pro, and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, devices that continue to keep us on the upward trajectory of innovation.

The REDMAGIC 8 series comes with a powerful 6000 mAh battery and a unique layer of cooling graphite under the display to deliver a chilling sensation to the tips of your fingers while you game. It also introduced REDMAGIC's first fully transparent device, a first of many.



The REDMAGIC 9 Pro, the youngest member of our smartphone offerings, boasts our largest battery yet with 6500 mAh of power for hours of enjoyment. It’s also powered by the most powerful Snapdragon chipset to date, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which features the latest AI enhancements dedicated to gaming.

The design of the device is also a first of its kinds, boasting a completely flat design with no protruding camera bumps in the back, and no visible camera holes in the front. It’s also the home of our first ever customizable shoulder triggers which light up to match the RGB lights around the more powerful 22,000 RPM turbofan.




We also introduced a handful of accessories to accompany the enhanced gaming experiences brought by the two new generations of smartphones. 


The REDMAGIC DAO Series is dedicated to exploring the limits of gamer aesthetics and offers two of the most useful smartphone accessories, whether you’re a gamer or not. 

The REDMAGIC Cyberbuds Dao TWS headsets combine style with performance. Featuring a unique transparent design and customizable RGB lights, they offer a standout gamer aesthetic. Powered by Qualcomm technology, these earbuds deliver a fast, stable connection and impressive sound quality with AI-powered noise cancellation. They offer versatile connectivity options and support for the “GoPer” app, providing users with comfort, control, and an immersive audio experience.

The REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger is a high-powered solution for all your gaming gear. With a 150W DC port for laptops, dual 140W USB-C ports for phone and controller, and a 30W USB-A port for accessories, it’s versatile, efficient, and beautiful to look at. The DAO 150W charger allows you to monitor and customize your charging experience with the LCD screen, RGB lights, and settings which can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth with the Goper app. It supports fast charging and advanced thermal management, ensuring quick, reliable power without overheating.


REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2

The REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 is our newest gamepad that combines the timeless design of classic controllers with cutting-edge technology, offering a zero-latency connection for unparalleled responsiveness. It’s engineered for comfort, precision, and relentless gameplay,  ensuring an immersive gaming experience like never before. 

The swappable shell design allows you to customize your controller to match your style and preferences effortlessly. Plus, its innovative charging feature allows you to power up while gaming, ensuring you’re always in control and ready for the next gaming session.

Still Going Strong: A Bright Future Ahead

Perhaps the most significant change we made over the past year is the more direct communication we’ve established with our patrons by answering more questions on Reddit, and inviting them to take part in our beta testing programs. This has opened the door to new, more specific levels of growth for the REDMAGIC brand, and with your continued support, the upcoming year looks even brighter than the years that came before. 

As a token of our appreciation, we’re running our first giveaway of the year, and we’d like you all to be part of it. If you’re already a subscriber, you can increase your chances by following REDMAGIC on TikTok and inviting others to do the same. Just remind them to sign up for REDMAGIC newsletters as well so they can also be in the running to win the REDMAGIC 9 Pro.

Thank you for being our gaming partners for the past 6 years, and we look forward to more victories in the years to come.