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Unlock Exclusive Student Discounts with REDMAGIC and Student Beans

Unlock Exclusive Student Discounts with REDMAGIC and Student Beans

REDMAGIC Student Discounts

At REDMAGIC, we believe in the power of knowledge and are dedicated to ensuring that the quest for a brighter future is filled with excitement and personal victories. Our mission is to keep the torch of education burning bright by continuing to celebrate and support students and graduates in all regions. It’s no secret that student life can be a little heavy on the pocket because you must balance your finances between staying alive and having a full student experience. To navigate this challenge, REDMAGIC has formed an alliance that promises to be a game-changer for all students


REDMAGIC x Student Beans Partnership


REDMAGIC is proud to announce our official partnership with Student Beans, a platform that unlocks exclusive student discounts throughout the year at multiple retailers and outlets all around the globe. Student Beans has been around for nearly 20 years and has grown to become the leading student loyalty network in the world, partnering with hundreds of retailers and outlets to give students access to their favorite brands more easily. This newfound friendship allows all REDMAGIC patrons with a valid and verified student status to purchase all REDMAGIC merch at exclusive discounted prices at any time their budget allows, not just when there’s a sale. 


An Innovative Way to Shop


After verifying your student account on Student Beans, you’ll unlock a 5% discount for every purchase made on the REDMAGIC website using your unique code. But what if you’ve already graduated? We’ve got you covered. Registering as a graduate allows you to enjoy a 3% discount on all purchases made with your unique Student Beans code for up to 5 years after graduating. The best part about registering with Student Beans is automatically unlocking discounts for every other retailer they’ve partnered with, so you stay winning. 


To unlock exclusive REDMAGIC student and grad discounts in your region, follow the corresponding Student Beans link below to verify your status. Then use the code provided at the checkout to activate the 3% or 5% discount.


Global Store 


US and Canada Store


Europe Store


UK Store


Singapore Store


Mexico Store


Your Key to Exclusive Discounts


REDMAGIC's collaboration with Student Beans is more than just a partnership, it’s a commitment to empower students and graduates to continue to reach for success in their education and gaming pursuits with fewer financial constraints. You can be confident that while you continue to chase your dream, REDMAGIC will be right there to support you, enriching your journey every step of the way. Let REDMAGIC and Student Beans be your companions on this thrilling adventure as you embark on your educational odyssey.