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A Glimpse into the Winner’s Circle: The REDMAGIC 8S Pro According to Gamers

A Glimpse into the Winner’s Circle: The REDMAGIC 8S Pro According to Gamers

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Users' Review

It’s been a few weeks since the release of the REDMAGIC 8S Pro, and one thing’s for sure, there’s certainly a new favorite child in the gaming smartphone family. REDMAGIC fans who leaped to Join the Winners’ Circle have come forward to share their experience with the latest addition to our smartphone offering, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro. So far, they’ve given the device a 4.5-star rating and left a collection of honest reviews that anyone looking to buy the device should consider reading. 


One REDMAGIC fan left a review that states, “I own the 8 Pro and man, I am falling in love with it daily! Imagine the 8S Pro?” Well, wonder no more. This blog will explore the views and opinions of REDMAGIC 8S Pro users, highlighting the benefits and things you can look forward to on the newest gaming beast. 


As Smooth as a Knife Through Butter


Pairing the already powerful 120 Hz AMOLED screen with an even faster processor than the one in the REDMAGIC 8 Pro has turned the REDMAGIC 8S Pro into an unstoppably smooth gaming force. This is the first gaming smartphone to utilize the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Leading Version chipset, so it’s been a delight to receive positive feedback from actual gamers about its firsthand performance. 


It’s been described as truly exceptional and an overall great experience by one reviewer who goes on to say that “everything runs so smoothly, like a hot knife through butter”. Another reviewer stated that they believe “no one can beat this phone. It’s very fast and smooth, the fastest phone in the world”. 

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Users' Review


Endurance at Its Best


For all those intense gaming sessions that last for hours, a strong battery is what your device needs to power through to the finish line. According to the reviews from REDMAGIC 8S Pro users, the 6000 mAh battery with fast charge ability is great and can easily last two days with normal use, however, there are some mixed feelings about the performance of the battery.


One user states that the device delivers enough power to play games like Arena of Valor for 5 hours straight. On the other hand, another reviewer felt that the REDMAGIC 8S Pro offered “good performance and awesome specs'', but they were concerned that the battery only delivered 5000 mAh of juice instead of the 6000 mAh they were expecting. Either way, the phone’s 65W fast charge can take the battery from 0-100% in 35 minutes, which means you’ll never have to stay down for longer than you need to. 


The Coolest Gaming Beast


The faster processor and larger battery are there to make your phone perform better for extended gaming periods, and that comes with the potential to make the device overheat more than usual. This is a problem that we’ve managed to solve with the ICE 12.0, a re-engineered thermal control system that keeps your phone incredibly cool while playing or charging. It’s been described by one user as “worth the wait”, and they go on to elaborately explain that “ I no longer feel like my hands are touching a hot pan when playing games”.


A Great Phone at a Sweet Price


Perhaps the most impressive thing about the REDMAGIC 8S Pro is the cost of its superior quality. Compared to other flagship devices with the same battery capacity, screen refresh rate, and CPU processors, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro has the most unbeatable price. One reviewer found pleasure in leaving a comment that said “I have to say for the price and the spec, this phone has no competition.” 

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Users' Review


An Excellent Gaming Experience


Whether you’re loyal to the REDMAGIC brand and considering getting an upgrade, or you’re new to the world of gaming smartphones and don’t know what to expect, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro delivers a transformative experience that’ll take your gaming to new heights. But you don’t have to take ours, or our customers' word for it, why not Join the WInners’ Circle and try the gaming beats for yourself?