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Exploring the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s New ICE 13.0 Cooling System

Exploring the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s New ICE 13.0 Cooling System

REDMAGIC 9 Pro ICE 13.0 Cooling System

Whether you prefer to play on a console, PC, or mobile, true gamers know that once your gear starts heating up, the game is over. One thing that has made the REDMAGIC brand a favorite amongst gamers is our dedication to delivering what they need to enjoy mobile games for hours on end. So in addition to improving the battery life, we make it a point to always upgrade the cooling system with every new generation of REDMAGIC.


The REDMAGIC 9 Pro debuts as the first gaming smartphone to utilize the fastest Snapdragon chipset to date, and it’s also the home of our latest REDMAGIC ICE 13.0 Cooling System, putting it in line to be one of the coldest devices on the market. Join us as we explore the components of the new REDMAGIC ICE 13.0 Cooling System and break down how each improvement makes the REDMAGIC 9 Pro The Chill That Never Quits.


The Cooling Chamber Is Bigger Than Before

REDMAGIC 9 Pro ICE 13.0 Cooling System

We explored some design improvements on the rear of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro that delivered more than one benefit. The new position of the dual camera system and turbofan along the side of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro serves the dual purpose of combining both aesthetic appeal and enhanced cooling efficiency. 


A notable improvement of repositioning the trio is the enlargement of the cooling chamber which is now 18% bigger than the previous generation’s. Enlarging the cooling chamber allows the centrifugal turbofan to draw more air into the device, making the REDMAGIC 9 Pro better equipped to dissipate heat effectively, enhancing the overall thermal performance of the device during prolonged gaming sessions.


The Largest VC Chamber in the Industry

REDMAGIC 9 Pro ICE 13.0 Cooling System

The REDMAGIC 9 Pro has the only true 10,000-level single VC in the industry that measures in at 10182mm²  to make it the biggest of its kind. With a surface area of 10182mm², the vapor chamber provides an expansive canvas for absorbing and evenly distributing heat generated during intensive tasks, such as high-performance gaming.


We Upgraded the Iconic Turbo Fan

REDMAGIC 9 Pro ICE 13.0 Cooling System

At a remarkable speed of  20,000 RPM, the high-speed centrifugal fan that has been at the heart of every REDMAGIC gaming smartphone since 2019 is crafted with precision. The innovative fan has served the specific purpose of maintaining optimal temperatures and ensuring efficient heat dissipation during rigorous gaming sessions for generations of devices, and it’s finally getting an upgrade. 


Our latest cooling system takes its exceptional performance to even greater heights with an enhanced fan that operates at an impressive 22,000 RPM, giving the REDMAGIC 9 Pro yet another reason to brag. Paired with the largest 10182mm² Vapor Chamber (VC) plate in the industry, and a slightly bigger cooling chamber, we’ve reached the next phase of the REDMAGIC Cooling System. 

It’s Customizable, Too

This time around, the RGB lights surrounding the turbofan are fully customizable and designed to match the lights in the shoulder triggers. This is the first time we’ve illuminated the shoulder triggers, and it’s the first time you’ll be able to customize the appearance of both features. 


A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Cooler 


Compared to its predecessor the REDMAGIC ICE 12.0 Cooling Mechanism, the new edition of the REDMAGIC cooling system is designed to work with a more powerful chipset and an even bigger battery. We made some minor but very notable improvements to an already incredible cooling system, and what we concocted is 5°C cooler than anything we’ve created in the past. 

Get ready to experience a cold victory and uninterrupted gaming sessions that last even longer with the REDMAGIC ICE 13 Cooling system.