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How Did We Make the REDMAGIC 9 Pro So Powerful?

How Did We Make the REDMAGIC 9 Pro So Powerful?



There’s absolutely no doubt about it, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro is one of the most powerful gaming devices on the market, and with an unbeatable retail price to match. A recent review on TechRadar describes the new machine as having “Full Power Without the Pricetag”, and they’ve highlighted the phone’s outstanding performance and excellent battery life as two of the most notable features. 


We’ve paid attention to the features gamers value most in REDMAGIC devices and made it our mission to deliver on those expectations. The result is a device with one of the coldest mobile cooling mechanisms and one of the fastest gaming performances around. Here is a closer look at how we made the REDMAGIC 9 Pro so powerful. 


A Superb Combination of Chipsets 


The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset by Qualcomm debuted late last year, and it’s steadily being integrated into this year’s upcoming flagship devices to stand as one of the most powerful processors available. At its release, Qualcomm stated that this new version was designed with AI in mind, and it’s reportedly 40% more efficient than the previous generation. 


To maximize the efficiency even further, we paired 2024’s most popular chipset with an improved version of the RedCore 2 chipset found in the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, the RedCore 2 Pro. It allows the Snapdragon to focus purely on what it was designed to do while the RedCore directs all its resources to make gaming more enjoyable by enhancing haptics, sound effects, and light customization. 


The Chill That Never Quits


To support the overwhelming power of the chipset combination, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro sports our latest ICE 13.0 cooling mechanism that provides an unstoppable refrigeration sensation to keep your device running as smoothly as ever. The new cooling system features REDMAGIC's fastest built-in turbofan that expels hot air at an incredible speed of 22,000 RPM, and it boasts the industry’s largest VC plate with a surface area of 10182mm². 


Additionally, the cooling chamber is now 18% bigger than the previous generation to make the REDMAGIC 9 Pro 5℃ colder than any other REDMAGIC before it. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro is also the first of our devices to have a customizable RGB light feature around the fan which makes it beautiful, functional, and unique.

The powerful cooling mechanism is supported by the strongest REDMAGIC battery to date which has 6500 mAh of juice, a 500 mAh improvement from the REDMAGIC 8 Series of devices. 


More Storage for Your Favorites


We know how important it is to be able to have a huge collection of games on your phone and still be able to use it as a daily driver without the risk of it being too slow or overcrowded. The REDMAGIC 9 Pro comes in two sizes with the standard Sleet version boasting 12GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM, and the Snowfall and Cyclone version boasting 16GB RAM and 512GB ROM. 


A Powerful Performer That’s Worth Your Buck


Whichever Android game tickles your fancy, you’ll be able to enjoy it on the REDMAGIC 9 Pro without any drop in the frame rate, even for demanding titles like Genshin Impact. According to the review on Android Police, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, like the formidable gaming masterpieces that came before it, has top-tier hardware and “everything you need to play the most demanding Android games without sacrificing performance or battery life”. For a starting price of just $649, you can experience the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s powerful performance for yourself.