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Why the REDMAGIC 8S Pro Display Is a Game-Changer

Why the REDMAGIC 8S Pro Display Is a Game-Changer

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Display

Gaming is more than just pixels moving around on a screen, it’s about conquering virtual challenges every time you enter the game space and dive into alternate worlds. The REDMAGIC 8S Pro is designed to feed that exact need, and the evolution of its display technology is a substantial part of the REDMAGIC legacy. It’s tempting to think that this display is a mirror image of its predecessors, following the trend set by the REDMAGIC 7S Pro with UDC technology. We can assure you that with the combination of improvements under the hood, and the beautiful screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate, there’s a gaming revolution waiting to be unleashed. 


A 120 Hz Symphony of Motion

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Display

Gaming thrives on speed, and the REDMAGIC 8S Pro does an excellent job of capturing every swipe and action with incredible fluidity. This is partially thanks to the competitive 120 Hz screen refresh rate that’s on par with current flagship standards. While it may not be as fast as the ultra-quick REDMAGIC 6 or the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate which runs at 165 Hz, a vast majority of games aren’t created to run past 120 fps yet and this makes 120 Hz more than enough, according to a review on Tech Radar.


The fluidity of motion on the screen is further enhanced by the powerful Leading Version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which effectively prevents the display from losing fps speed after extended gaming periods. When other smartphones begin to lag, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro charges on to maintain the same power you had at the start of the game. It’s been described by its supporters as having a console in your pocket, with a screen that doesn’t slow down or stutter for a very long time.


A 93.7% Screen-to-Body Odessey

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Display

The days of having a huge border around the screen are far behind us, and the REDMAGIC 8S Pro is still edging toward complete liberation. The seamless 6.8-inch gaming canvas is immersive and engulfing, coming ever so close to giving us a device that’s nothing but a screen in the front with a 93.7% screen-to-body ratio. 


The panel is great for gaming and media consumption with a sharp and smooth delivery of content, according to a review on XDA-Developers. The beauty of the screen is enhanced by the exceptionally well-hidden front-facing camera which is described by the reviewer as a lot less noticeable than on other phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 5.


1300 Nits of Illuminating Brilliance

REDMAGIC 8S Pro Display

Brightness is the key to visual brilliance. If you prefer to play your favorite mobile games under the blistering midday sun, then perhaps the REDMAGIC 8S Pro’s 1300 nits of peak brightness may sound appealing to you. As Karthik of XDR-Developers points out, the device gets decently bright under direct sunlight giving you the liberty to use it outside without any major inconveniences. This is a sentiment shared by Abrar Khan of Clear Crypt who felt that the display was poppy and bright in most conditions, but it could be difficult to enjoy darker-themed games under direct sunlight.


The Next Level of Mobile Gaming


In the world of gaming smartphones, the REDMAGIC 8S Pro embodies our commitment to redefining the boundaries of gaming excellence. Every aspect of the device has been meticulously crafted to deliver an experience that is both exhilarating and transformative, with a screen that acts as a portal to unchartered adventures. Get ready to step into a new era of mobile gaming. 

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