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Tower OF Fantasy Or Genshin Impact?

Tower OF Fantasy Or Genshin Impact?

REDMAGIC Game Review - Tower of Fantasy or Genshin Impact

It’s been a while since the Genshin Impact clone, Tower Of Fantasy released, so it’s high time we gave it a go on the all new REDMAGIC 8 Pro. Now we’re real big fans of Genshin Impact so we have been super curious to see what Tower Of Fantasy is like and if maybe, just maybe, they made a better rpg or not. Afterall, our favorite FPS games are all copying each other with small unique elements to separate them from each other. 


First Impressions Of Tower Of Fantasy 

It truly is a clone and some of the things they copied seem a little bit silly to copy. Like there is a little helper girl, just like Paimon and your character selection starts off by choosing which of two nearly identical twins to play as, one a boy, the other a girl. 


Other things you would expect to find in an open world RPG clone of Genshin are there as well. They both also have an outrageous amount of resources and chests lying around for you to pick up like a kid in a candy store is there too, and cooking. Other things like the gachas for weapons and special characters are the same and understandable, pretty characters are pretty. 


Real early on though, we saw what it was that set Tower Of Fantasy apart from Genshin Impact, character customization, combat, and seeing other players in the world. 


Character Customization 

The tools available to us for character customization is fairly limited, but some players have still managed to make some impressive characters with it. To make it even better, it is possible to share your character customization or download someone else’s. Throughout your gaming experience there appears to be other opportunities to change your character’s look, so if you grow bored with it, no worries, you can change it up. Not to mention, Tower Of Fantasy’s combat and character collecting systems also swap out how your character looks completely. 

REDMAGIC Game Review - Tower of Fantasy or Genshin Impact

It may not be Black Desert but you can still make some impressive character designs and it is a big surprise for a Genshin clone.


Tower Of Fantasy’s Fun Combat System

It is fairly similar to Genshin Impact’s combat system with a little more depth. Instead of swapping between team members, the game allows players to switch between three different weapons on the fly, allowing you to adapt to different situations. The game has a wide variety of weapons to choose from, each with its own unique playstyle and special abilities. On top of that are the characters you could win that come with their own weapon. These characters can be activated so that you look like them and get the most out of their weapon. It’s not really required to use these characters as only one can be activated at a time, but min-maxers may feel the need to. Overall, this combat system is engaging and allows for a lot of customization, providing players with a lot of flexibility and control over how they want to play the game.

REDMAGIC Game Review - Tower of Fantasy or Genshin Impact

“Say hello to my not so little friend!!!” Daka daka daka daka 


It’s Really An MMO

Compared to Gneshin Impact, this is a pretty stark difference. It’s really easy to team up with other players to take on difficult content and better yet, you can even meet people randomly in the game world. Unlike Genshin Impact where you’re alone for the most part unless you invite a friend or another person's game, Tower Of Fantasy has a real MMO aspect to it and it was a nice change after our solo gaming it felt like for so long in other mobile games. 

What About The World Building And Storytelling?

This is where Genshin Impact starts to shine again. The world setting and the overall story are awesome. But the little details, some dialogue, and some of the storytelling can be improved on. I don’t want to spoil anything though, because it is still a fun ride. So I’ll leave the story bit at that. 


Tower Of Fantasy Is Still Buggy

Maybe we have nostalgia glasses on about our first experience with Genshin Impact, but it feels that Genshin is the more polished game. During our play through of Tower Of Fantasy, we ran into several bugs or just had some difficulty with what felt like clunkier than usual controls. 


The bugs we encountered were all of the visual category and usually because of a cinematic. None of them were game breaking and most of them gave us a good laugh instead. An annoying bug we had though was when we encountered an annoying tower with a bad guy on it that required inventive thinking to defeat. The issue was that if we climbed up the ladder, we would fall off at the top instead of climbing up onto the platform like normal. Our solution was to simple double jump and then smash air attacks and air jump some more to get onto the platform with the bad guy. Not game breaking bad, but an example of some annoying bugs

REDMAGIC Game Review - Tower of Fantasy or Genshin Impact

These two characters teleported away so fast in their cinematic that they left their shadows behind. 


The clunky controls made platforming much more difficult than it should have been. For the most part, we found them to be overly sensitive at times. So you can imagine how frustrating that can be when your doing precision mountain climbing to get the floating treasure up high. 


These are aspects of the game that can be fixed and cleaned up in the future for a better gaming experience, so we don’t weigh too heavily on our minds when comparing the games. 


Our Verdict?

So, which game is better? It’s still a toss up really. If you're looking for a polished, open-world RPG with a rich storytelling and team focused mechanics, then Genshin Impact may be the game for you. The game's world is full of interesting characters and locations, and there's always something new to discover.


On the other hand, if you're looking for a real MMORPG with deep combat mechanics and character customization, then Tower of Fantasy will be your pic. The game's combat system is engaging, smoother, and allows for a lot of customization, while the game's world is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered.


For us at REDMAGIC, we’ll probably have to go with Tower Of Fantasy. We like the feel of the combat and we really like how much social interactions improve our gaming experience in Tower Of Fantasy.